On-Demand Web Seminar  Watchful Eye: Maintaining employee productivity and security in an exposed world

Hosted by Employee Benefit Adviser

Every two seconds, there’s a new victim of identity theft. Financial ID theft. Tax ID theft. Medical ID theft. Employment ID theft. Child ID theft.

The stress created by a breach or identity theft can significantly impact employee productivity. That’s why identity theft protection benefits continue to grow in popularity.

Help your clients better understand the latest trends around identity theft protection and why many employers are looking beyond traditional offerings to voluntary products Industry experts from IDT911 and BenefitMall discuss key topics, including:

  • How recent regulations are impacting employer strategies
  • In what ways offering identity theft protection can result in a more productive workforce
  • How brokers and employers are positioning identity theft as a wellness benefit
  • What employees can do to keep their identity secure when submitting taxes

Featured Presenters:

Lynn Gresham
Contributing Editor
Employee Benefit News
Page Elliott
Director, Business Development
Chad Gray
Senior Director, Business Development
Tiffany Stiller
Vice President of Carrier Relations

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