On-Demand Web Seminar  The true meaning of connected care and how it’s improving costs and health

Hosted by Employee Benefit News & Employee Benefit Adviser

Facing an exceedingly unhealthy workforce, employers are under more pressure than ever to lower health care costs and increase productivity. Many seek multiple carriers in hopes of achieving short-term savings. But by failing to integrate their offerings, companies actually pay more in the long run—as much as 7% more in medical costs alone.

Watch this on-demand discussion of the power of health care integration. Discover how turning disjointed products, data and tools into a single plan reduces costs and provides better outcomes for your employees. Learn why integrated, value-based care keeps a workforce at its best. And engage with Anthem experts as they share how you can take core offerings such as pharmacy, medical, dental, vision, life, and behavioral health, and combine them with clinical data, engagement solutions and more to create the next level of integration.

What you will learn:

  • Why 60% of employers are currently, or are actively considering integrating medical and specialty
  • How you can save up to $28 PMPM by combining medical and pharmacy
  • How coordination between PCPs and specialty care physicians increases quality of care
Jeff Spahr
VP, Specialty Business
Lisa Morris
Staff VP, Clinical and Specialty Pharmacy
Robert Krebbs
Staff VP, Specialty Payment Models
Bruce Shutan
Contributing Editor
Employee Benefits News/ Adviser

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