Maximize the impact telehealth has across your organization—from cost savings, to reduced absenteeism and employee satisfaction.


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A recent consumer study found that people who are employed are more likely to use telehealth compared to those who are not employed. Telehealth can help companies save on overall healthcare costs and decrease absenteeism, while also helping employees save money and get better access to care.

But how can employers maximize the impact telehealth has across their organization?

In this case study, we highlight how Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami partnered with a local healthcare organization to deliver telehealth services to its employees, and how in just four months the benefit saved the company nearly $20,000 and its employees more than $3,000. Read the case study to learn how:

  • Telehealth visits doubled in four months compared to the previous nine months
  • Leveraging a recognizable and trusted healthcare brand helps drive telehealth utilization
  • To increase employee telehealth sign-ups and utilization