How well do you know Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs)?


Whitepaper Copy

HR has grown more complex over the last three decades, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Changes in employment legislation and shifting expectations of today’s workforce have caused employers to re-examine how they approach this important business function.

One solution that has been growing in popularity over this same period are Professional Employer Organizations (PEO). However, some brokers and SMBs are still confused about what PEOs do and how they function. That’s why we put together this eBook: How Well Do You Know PEO?

Topics we explored include:

  • Who are PEO clients?
  • Why do brokers and SMBs partner with PEOs?
  • The services offered by most PEOs
  • What to look for in a PEO partner
  • How to buy PEO