On-Demand Web Seminar
Stop loss business resilience amid a pandemic

Sep. 29, 2020 | 60 Minutes
Hosted by Employee Benefit Adviser

When you’re in the business of managing catastrophic risk, “shock” tends to come with less surprise. However, few of us were expecting to face managing the cost outcomes of these scenarios in the middle of a global pandemic.

Your clients count on you to help deliver stability in times of uncertainty. So you must adjust your approach (where needed) to continue meeting expectations, fulfilling obligations and protecting their bottom line.

In this on-demand webinar we talk about business practices that smart stop loss carriers use to fortify strength and help to ensure self-funded groups have the protection they need in challenging times. You’ll hear about:

  • Making necessary adjustments to business practices to achieve positive performance results
  • Doing right by customers to help ease concerns and reinforce confidence
  • Determining thoughtful solutions for maintaining connections
  • Managing sales in a “virtual” environment
  • Creating more options for a wider audience by entering new markets/spaces
  • Focusing on the future with progressive tools and innovative thinking

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Featured Presenters:

Dom Palmieri
Chief Operating Officer
HM Insurance Group
Greg Wilden
Senior Vice President, Sales
HM Insurance Group
Amanda Schiavo
Associate Editor
Employee Benefit News and Employee Benefit Adviser

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